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STV INTERNATIONAL Household & Garden Products

A privately owned company based in the heart of the Norfolk countryside where STV have been growing since they started in 1993.

Buzz Bug Bat
Kills mosquitoes & midges on contact, for indoor or outdoor use, push button activation with ON/OFF indication
Buzz Doorway Insect Curtain
Universal insect curtain with weighted mesh panels which open easily for people and pets, then swing back into place. Includes complete installation kit. Fits any hinged or sliding doorway. Washable and UV light resistant
Buzz Honeypot Wasp Trap With Bait
Honey Wasp Trap With Bait. Now with bait sachet included. Redesign of classic favourite to allow easy baiting & safe usage. Lightweight but strong ABS plastic. Threaded base section for easier baiting & cleaning. Screw top closure with integral wire hanger
Buzz Plastic Strip Blind For Doors
STV Buzz Strip Blind for doors. Fits all standard UK doors. keeps insects out and fresh air in. Durable wipe clean strips. Fits door up to 90cm(W) 200cm(H). 3 assorted colours.
Buzz Portable Rechargeable Insect Killer
Portable, cable-free insect killer for indoor and outdoor use. Rechargeable battery delivers over 5 hours use from a single charge. Powerful 12 Watt UV light and 1,500 volt killing grid. Collection tray for hygienic disposal of dead insects. Mains adaptor included for continuous use indoors