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Savic Pet Carriers

Andes Pet Carrier from Savic
The Andes Carrier is housetraining and travelling box. The box, made from sturdy plastic, has a number of important features such as: ventilation grids in chrome on 3 sides, chrome door with easy to use squeeze-latches, self-locking catches with security blocking system, plastic feeding bowl, stackable when not in use, wing nut fasteners for extra security and inside moat which capture fluid to keep the pet dry .
Trotter 3 Carrier from Savic
Trotter 3 is a modern shaped pet carrier, recommended for cats and small dogs weighing up to 10 kg. The Trotter 3 transport box has a coated metal wire front door. The handle enables you to easily carry your pet with you and is recommended for travel by car, boat, train or plane. There are enough ventilation slots which guarantee air circulation for maximum comfort. The Trotter 3 pet carrier meets IATA standards.
Trotter 3 Pet Carrier Cushion 51cm x 32.5cm x 4.5cm from Savic
Soft, washable cushion recommended for Trotter 3 51cm x 32.5cm x 4.5cm