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Everything you need for your new puppy - Food, toys, treats, beds, etc.

Puppy Beds
A selection of beds and fleeces in a range of colours and materials to keep your puppy warm and comfortable.
Puppy Books and DVDs
A selection of books on how to care for your puppy with help on training and nutrition.
Puppy Bowls and Feeders
A selection of bowls and feeders for puppies of any size or age.
Puppy Collars and Leads
A selection of colourful collar and lead sets - ideal for your new puppy or small dog.
Puppy Food (Complete)
Quality complete food for your puppy.
Puppy Grooming
A range of brushes & combs and shampoo to keep your puppy well groomed and smelling nice.
Puppy Health Care
A wide range of products for the health and well being of your puppy. From flea treatments, wormers, shampoos, supplements, etc. The prices offered are second to none - where the products are discounted they ARE real discounts.
Puppy Toys
A range of toys for you to interact with your puppy or for your puppy to have fun alone.
Puppy Training Aids
As a dog owner, you have to live with the fact that your dog has very different ideas from you about cleanliness, hygiene and good behaviour. In a few moments the good sofa can be soiled, the expensive rug ruined or a slipper torn to shreds. To prevent such mishaps occurring in the first place you need to show your dog how to behave. Here we have everything you will need!!
Puppy Treats, Snacks & Chews
A selection of treats, snacks and chews especially made for your puppy. Training and reward treats.