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You many have a cat as well as a dog - there are things here for your cat.  Maybe fish or you like to feed wildlife - there is something here for all.......if not just ask us and we will obtain for you.

Cat Products
A selected range of Complete Cat Food, Cat Treats, Cat Toys, Cat Accessories and Cat Bedding.
Guinea Pig Products
At the most basic level, guinea pigs are herbivores. That means that they just eat fruits and veggies — no dairy, eggs, meat, or insects for these little guys. Fresh hay and fresh leafy vegetables should make up the bulk of your guinea pig's diet. ... Guinea pig pellets should include Vitamin C to keep your pet healthy.
Hamster & Gerbil Products
Gerbils have a long furry tail but hamsters have a short hairless stub for a tail. Gerbils need the society of other gerbils but Hamsters are solitary creatures. They will chew through anything plastic, so don't put a plastic house in their cage, but Hamsters won't chew through plastic.
Rabbit Products
Expanding out range of products that are available in our shop - we are listing the most popular here!
Rat & Mouse Products
Mice are very small and fragile, which is one of the reasons they are not suitable pets for young children. Rats also need careful handling but they are bigger and often friendlier, making them good family pets
Wild Bird Food, Treats & Feeders
Feeding garden birds has, for many years, been the starting point for many if not all of Britains active birdwatching community. The obvious attraction is wanting to help your avian friends through maybe a hard winter, proving food also can bring birds very close to allow observation of their plumage details and getting to know more about their daily lives.
Wildlife Products
Maybe you want to feed Hedgehogs or Squirrels in your garden. There are also the Swans and Ducks in the local ponds. Something here for most wild life.
Equine Products
A selection of products for Horse owners - Supplements, treats and clothing