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Nylabone Chews and Treats

Nylabone Puppy
Find a Nylabone product for your puppy. From chews and toys to edible treats and dental solutions, Nylabone has a variety of products designed to fit the needs of any puppy.
Nylabone Durables
Veterinarian recommended, Nylabone DuraChews are a long lasting chew designed for powerful chewers. Tiny bristles raised during chewing help clean teeth while controlling the build up of plaque and tartar.
Nylabone Rope Toys
Strong, puncture resistant. Helps clean teeth. Made of premium quality natural rubber. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes sure to engage your dog. Bright, vibrant color will capture your dog's attention
Nylabone 'Healthy Edibles' Snacks
Healthy Edibles® Made with natural ingredients and no added sugar, salt, or artificial preservatives, these wholesome chew treats are a nutritious and delicious snack for your dog!
Nylabone Dental Chews
Dental nubs to massage gums - Helps control plaque and tartar - Moderate and powerful chewers
Nylabone Extreme Power Chews
When it comes to the most extreme chewers, Power Chews are the answer! Built for intense chewing sessions, the nylon chew toys are the ultimate long-lasting activity for chew-happy dogs.
Nylabone Flavour Frenzy
Indulge and occupy with Nylabone's chew toys in a variety of delicious flavours.
Nylabone Flexi Chews
Safe and satisfying non-edible chew - Made of flexible thermoplastic polymer - Helps reduce plaque and tartar
Nylabone Go! Active
Built strong! Plays long! Designed for the ultimate in interactive play! IT FLOATS!!!
Nylabone Moderate Chewers
These fun, flexible chew toys are made for moderate-chewing dogs, to help clean teeth while keeping them busy and discouraging destructive chewing.
Nylabone Wild Alternatives
Long lasting alternatives to real animal parts. Inspired by nature and satisfies dogs natural urge to chew.