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Laughing Dog

It may take longer to make your four-legged friend’s food, but Laughing Dog think it’s worth it…

Unlike most other dog food manufacturers in the UK, at Laughing Dog they slow bake their entire range of dry dog food from start to finish in their family run bakery.

Using only wholesome ingredients that Laughing Dog grow and source themselves, their bakers carefully slow cook each batch of Laughing Dog food; ensuring each bag can be traced back to the baker who carefully baked it, the oven in which it was gently baked in and the delicious ingredients that went into the mixing bowl.

Laughing Dog Natural Baked Grain Free Puppy Complete White Fish
Made from easily digestible white fish, Laughing Dog grain free puppy complete is rich in vitamin D for growing joints and muscles. Into the mixing bowl they also add naturally wholesome ingredients including farm-grown green and root vegetables, seaweed to help build immunity, chicory root to help maintain a healthy digestive system and yucca to help reduce stool odours.
Laughing Dog Wonderfully Wheat Free Puppy
​​​​​​​Laughing Dog Wonderfully Wheat Free Baked Puppy Complete recipe includes our farm grown barley and oats to provide slow release carbohydrates and wholesome vegetables for those all important vitamins, A & B. As with all of our Wheat Free recipes, this puppy food is single species, which means we only use chicken in their chicken recipe.
Laughing Dog Gloriously Grain Free Chicken
Laughing Dog's hypoallergenic Gloriously Grain Free Baked Chicken Complete dog food contains potatoes which are rich in natural antioxidants and are an easily digestible source of slow release energy, as well as a well-balanced blend of many natural ingredients including yucca and rosemary.
Laughing Dog Gloriously Grain Free Venison
Laughing Dog believes every dog deserves to be 100% dog happy so their hypoallergenic Gloriously Grain Free Baked Venison Complete dog food is rich in delicious and wholesome ingredients help keep your dog fit and healthy for many years to come.
Laughing Dog Gloriously Grain Free Duck
Laughing Dog Gloriously Grain Free Baked Duck Complete is ideal for any dog requiring a grain free diet - although it is safe to say that this delicious grain free dog food is enjoyed by all dogs, not just those with sensitive tummies!
Laughing Dog Gloriously Grain Free Complete White Fish
Laughing Dog's hypo-allergenic Gloriously Grain Free White Fish Baked Complete is chicken free and white potato free. Perfect for all dogs especially those with very sensitive tummies or with chicken and potato intolerance.