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Johnsons Household Products

Johnsons  Carpet Flea Guard 200g
Carpet Flea Guard containing permethrin. An insecticidal freshener for rugs, carpets, pet bedding, etc. Sprinkle on and vacuum up to kill fleas and flea larvae. Not for use on animals.
Johnsons 4 Fleas Fogger With Igr
This room fogger (with IGR) contains permethrin and s-methoprene and is designed to kill fleas and other insects e.g., ants, cockroaches, earwigs etc. in one complete treatment. It prevents hatching eggs developing into fleas and protects carpets, soft furnishings and pet bedding for up to 7 months.
Johnsons 4 Fleas Igr 600ml Household Spray
In the recent Your Cat and Your Dog magazines favourite product survey, voted for by the readers, Johnson's 4fleas Household Spray yet again picked up the award for Best home product. This 600ml can has sufficient to treat an entire average sized home.
Johnsons House Flea Spray Extra Guard 400ml
Johnsons House Flea Spray prevents hatching eggs developing into fleas. For use on carpets, soft furnishing and pet bedding. Protects for up to 6 months.
Johnsons Home Flea Guard Trigger Spray 500ml
Flea Home Guard Tigger Spray (Non-Aerosol) contains Deltamethrin to provide several weeks of protection. Kills fleas from dogs and cats on carpets, soft furnishings, pet bedding, etc. Also kills other insects, e.g. ants, cockroaches, wasps and flies etc.
Johnsons Household Flea Spray
Kills fleas from dogs and cats on carpets, soft furnishings and pet bedding. Contains synthetic Pyrethroids.
Johnson Clean 'n' Safe Stain & Odour Remover
Special odour neutraliser with mild anti-bacterial action to control odours from pets on Carpets, upholstery, fabrics, pet bedding etc. in rooms and in cars. Also for direct use on dogs and cats to control pet odours
Johnsons Clean ‘n' Safe Disinfectant/Cleaner/Deodoriser 500ml
Johnsons Clean 'n' Safe is a disifectant, cleaner and deodoriser which kills bacteria and viruses in areas where pets live, sleep and feed.
Johnsons Clean 'n' Safe Pet Odour Remover
A biological stain remover, with anti-bacterial action, for use on carpets, rugs, upholstery, fabrics etc. Kills bacteria and leaves treated areas clean and fresh. Helps to control odours which encourage pets to soil the same area again.