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Hurtta Dog Coats

It is Hurtta’s objective to develop clothes for several different breeds and various uses.  The guiding principle is that the technical features of a dog’s clothes should be at least as good as those of its owner’s outdoor clothing.  Before any Hurtta product is ready for launch, it has gone through hundreds of hours of testing and fitting by its designers.   
The rough behaviour that is characteristic of dogs is a challenge to the durability and functionality of materials and structures.  In order to guarantee the high quality of its products, Hurtta commissions testing of the suitability of each and every material for dog clothing by a non-partial textile laboratory.   
Hurtta’s popularity is based on decades of development, an uncompromising attitude and constant improvement.  A thorough knowledge of the target group is the basis of all their operations.
You could not make a better choice for a dog coat.