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Beaphar Household Products
Keep your house free from fleas and sweet smelling.
Bob Martin Household Products
The Bob Martin brand has grown from a vitamin supplement range for dogs and cats to include de-wormers, shampoos and many different products to rid pets of ticks and fleas. Since then the company and its team of pet experts have expanded the product range to care for all of your pet’s needs.
Bramton Company (Simple Solution) Household Products
Your house is your pet's playground and Simple Solution have produced products to help you tackle the messes your pet's games can create!
Door Mats
Welcome your pet home - NOT THE MESS!!!
Johnsons Household Products
A range of products to keep your home clear of fleas, etc., remove pet odours and disinfectant to keep clean,
STV INTERNATIONAL Household & Garden Products
STV is the UK's leading supplier of pest control products for home and garden use.
Miscellaneous Household Products
Products from various companies not separately listed.