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Flea Shampoos

Animology Dog Flea & Tick 20:1 Concentrate Shampoo
Animology Flea & Tick is the ideal shampoo for dogs that suffer from fleas and ticks. Suitable for all types of dog coat, this shampoo helps to remove fleas and ticks and soothe irritated skin. Infused with their 'Medicated' scent.
Johnson's Dog Flea Cleansing Shampoo 200ml
The mild and non-irritant shampoo contains natural citrus extracts to repel fleas and help guard against flea infestation. This lemon-scented treatment is suitable for all breeds and beautifies the coat.
Vetzyme Dog JDS Insecticidal Shampoo
Vetzyme JDS Insecticidal Shampoo 250ml is a concentrated insecticidal shampoo that kills fleas fast and is a powerful deterrent against reinfestation. It also contains excellent cleansing properties which leave the coat with an attractive silky sheen. There is a supplier problem with this product.