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American Dog Toys
It is their love of dogs, and the desire to produce the highest quality, interactive, durable pet toys that drives this company.
Ancol Dog Toys
Ancol present a range of toys - Latex, Nylon, Rope & Cotton, Rubber, Sof and Vinyl. So you have a choice for your pet!
Bionic Pet Products
REVOLUTIONARY MATERIAL..........Bionic Rubber® is a revolutionary material that can withstand the aggressive play patterns of most pets. Bionic products have been tested in rescue shelters and day cares around the U.S. for years.
Busy Buddy Toys from Staywell
The Busy Buddy® line of treat dispensing toys are designed to "keep pets busy with good things to chew!" Each Busy Buddy toy is made with a different and unique chewing experience in mind and helps redirect potentially destructive chewing behavior into positive playtime.
Company of Animal Dog Toys
A range of toys and interactive games from the renowned and respected company.
Danish Design Dog Toys
Made exclusively for Danish Design, they present a superb range of Plush Toys. These luxury toys feature unique designs personally selected by our designer, Susanne Mortensen. Available only from Danish Design, these outstanding products fully compliment their range of bedding products, both in quality and design, and are available in a variety of sizes.
Good Boy Dog Toys
Armitage offer a superb range of toys for your companion - keep him/her amused for hours.
Hagen Dog Toys
Over the years, the role dogs play in our lives has evolved from pet to beloved family member. Today's proud dog parents lavish their loyal companions with much care and attention, often bringing them along on their daily errands or family holidays. As a result, owners are constantly searching for higher quality, more innovative products that meet their demanding lifestyles. Rolf C. Hagen's products have also evolved in keeping with today's realities.
Happy Pet Dog Toys
A vast range of toys to suit any breed of dog and play behaviour - whether they like to chew, tug, fetch, cuddle or chase, you'll find the perfect toys here.
Hi-Craft Dog Toys
A range of Chew Toys in different shapes, sizes and flavours - to keep you dog occupied!!!
Hyper Pet™ Dog Toys
Hyper Pet™ offers unique, patented, interactive toys for you and your four legged furry friend. Their high quality designed line includes training aides, rugged and durable toys and other gear that make playing and exercising your dog more entertaining. Discover how Hyper Pet™ can make hanging out with your best friend a tail waggin' good time!
Kong Dog Toys
KONG offers a wide array of products for cats, dogs, birds, ferrets and horses. From the original KONG toys to plush toys, KONG offers everything your pet could want in quality and durability.
Longshots Dog Toys
Longshots is a innovative pet toy line inspired by real dogs and their everyday play. While most dogs really love their plush toys, plush toys are not really interactive and, since they do't work well as a fetch toy, do not provide much exercise. For increased interactive play, generally throwing some type of ball or rubber toy was the only option and most dogs quickly lose interest in chasing balls and rubber toys...I know mine do.
Pet Brands Dog Toys
Established back in 1967, Pet Brands is the Europe's industry leader, designer and manufacturer of accessories and treats for pets and wild birds, with an international customer base and portfolio of big hit brands. Pet Brands product portfolio includes some of the world's most recognisable brands, from Hello Kitty and Tatty Teddy to Alan Titchmarsh and RAC all of which are secured with exclusivity thanks to our growing reputation.
Petstages Dog Toys
A range of toys for chewing, playing, interacting and soothing......something for every dog!
Rogz Dog Toys
So, your feet are freezing because Bruno's chewed your slippers and you have given up tennis because you have run out of balls. Rogz dog toys will will keep your dog happy and change the way your whole family exercises.
Simply Fido Organic Pet Toy Collection
SimplyFido aims to enrich the lives of today’s families by fostering the imaginations of pets and celebrating the lifestyle of the eco-conscious home. SimplyFido is more than just playthings – they aim to teach values and environmental responsibility, all while touching the hearts of our pets through imagination and whimsy.
Starmark Dog Toys
Starmark pet products reflect the way dogs learn and have fun. Utilising the expertise of their Certified Training and Behavior Specialists they create mental stimulation and interactive play toys, training tools, and treats. The hands-on experience combined with vast technical knowledge allows Starmark to bring you useful and unique products, as well as dog training and behavior solutions.
TastyBone Dog Toys
TastyBone offers a range of superb toys for your puppy or adult dog. Well constructed and ideal for sole or interactive play!
The Animate Company Dog Toys
A superb range of squeaky, rubber, plush and rope toys to keep your dog occupied for hours. Please note that NO toy is indestructible.
Zee Dog Supertoys
These toys were created wih a treat dispensing bottom to remind you to stuff them with Healthy treats! Made of 100% recyclable non-toxic TPR, they bounce like crazy, float and have polygon edges that help massage and clean your dog's teeth and gums.