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Beacon Flashing Dog Tag
Your dog will be seen by cars on the dark nights and can be worn on your clothing too ! Easy to remove from the collar when not in use. BE SAFE - BE SEEN !!!
Ancol Nylon Adjustable Halo Collar Black
A soft nylon collar with a blue LED strip sewn in for high visibility on dark nights and mornings. Available in three sizes.
Canac K9 Lite Safety Collar
K9 Lites Safety Collar: The ultimate safety collar for pets. The adjustable collars have flashing LED's with fluorescent yellow reflective material for long distance visibility. Available in two sizes.
Canac Safety Collar
Made from high visibility flourescent reflective material. This comfortable and stylish collar is fully adjustable and is used as a supplementary collar. The high visibility reflective strip will shine brightly under street lightin and in car headlights.
Petsafe Wireless Containment Fence
With this innovative, portable system, there are no wires to bury. Just plug the transmitter into an electrical outlet close to the area where you want to contain your pet. The transmitter communicates with your dog's receiver collar and helps keep him in the area you've designated for him. The system is portable, so you can bring it along with you! An unlimited number of pets can be added to the system as long as they wear a PIF-275 Receiver Collar.