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Puppy Pads
A full range of Training Pads for Puppies and Older Dogs.
Simple Solution Diaper Garments
• New and improved with a more absorbent core and better fit • Microfibre, lightweight fabric with repositionable closures and a tail hole for ultimate comfort • Perfect for preventing messes from females in heat, incontinence, and excitable urination
Arms Length Poop Scoop
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! This innovatively designed device is the convenient way to clear up after dogs. Easy to assemble and use, the clever design means that you no longer need to bend down to pick up poo! With an alternative grass rake and flat scoop options, the Arms Length can be used on all types of surfaces.
Comfy Cone
Comfy Cone is a soft, comfortable alternative to the plastic lampshade surgery recovery collar for pets. Prevents dogs from licking, biting, scratching or pulling stitches out of wounds. Great for hot spots, allergies, post-surgery and any time you need to protect your pet. Better than a hard plastic e-collar because it's comfy!