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Applaws Natural Dog Food
Following on from the success of the Applaws natural cat food we bring to you Applaws Natural Dog Food. You only have to open a tin of APPLAWS to see the natural goodness of tuna, chicken, ham, beef liver and vegetables. You have to look further..much further to find cereals or animal by products...because there are none! This premium dog food is unlike anything else on the market and is 100% natural, containing nothing more than the ingredients listed...
Arden Grange Partners Canned Dog Food
As they come from Arden Grange, you can be assured of the highest quality, natural ingredients with no artificial colourings, flavourings, preservatives, dairy or soya products. Completely wheat and wheat-gluten free, Arden Grange Partners is a range of natural hypoallergenic dog foods, which are gentle and easily digested and may help prevent potential allergic reactions. High levels of fresh, succulent meat provides an extremely nutritious source of protein to aid muscle development and satisfy even the fussiest eater.
Billy + Margot Optimum Nutrition for Dogs
At Billy + Margot they make a range of nutritious, healthy and delicious treats and food for dogs. All their products are ‘Made in Britain’. They only use ‘wholesome ingredients‘ that have ‘full traceability‘. They do not use any preservatives, colourants or taste enhancers. All Billy + Margot's products are ‘wheat free‘ and ‘dairy free‘.
Burns Penlan Farm Moist Dog Food
The Burns Penlan Farm Range consists of three varieties of complete moist foods for dogs. These ethically produced pouches are made using as many ingredients from their own farm as possible. Those ingredients not grown on their farm are from sustainable, ethical sources. As with all Burns products, this is a high quality food developed to promote good health and behaviour.
Collards Hypo-allergenic Dog Food
Collards hypo-allergenic dog food is specially designed to be kind to your dog’s stomach. They only ever use a single meat source for our recipe, and refuse to use common bulking agents such as wheat and wheat derivatives which are known to have potential to cause allergies. Collards hypo-allergenic dog food is a complete balanced dog food, packed full of quality ingredients.
Feelwells Gourmet Dog Food
Truly indulgent,Feelwells complete, gourmet wet food is made from the very best quality meat and manufactured in Umbria, renowned as the green heart of Italy. Suitable for all dogs and especially those with sensitive digestion, food allergies or intolerances. Hypo-allergenic. No artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, wheat or wheat gluten.
Fish4Dogs Mousse can be given on its own or mixed in with dry food as a delicious tempting treat.
Teddy & Lu
Teddy & Lu is a Natural Gourmet Super Premium Pet Food Company. They produce Gluten Free, Grain Free, Hypoallergenic, Perfectly Delicious Pet Food. Meat content in the meals start at 70% to 100% Meat.