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Dog Clicker Training

Beaphar Clicker Trainer (formerly Canac)
Dogs are intelligent, thinking creatures – and the more opportunities they have to use their skills and learn through kind methods of training the better. The new Beaphar Clicker Trainer is one of the most modern, effective and enjoyable methods available.
Clicker Trainer from Company of Animals
No more shouting or yanking your dog around in the name of training. Clicker training is the fun, reward-based method of dog training that you will both enjoy. The Multi-Clicker is the only clicker with volume/tone control, softer for noise sensitive dogs.
Starmark Pro-Training CLICKER®
Speed learning up to 50% by marking the precise moment good behavior occurs with the Pro-Training Clicker. Proven Training Principles - With the scientific method used at Starmark Training Academy, you too can repeat positive behaviors that lead to rewards. Step-by-step training guide included