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Dog Gone Fishin’ Fish Treats for Dogs
These delicious treats are manufactured in Cornwall, using fish that’s been expertly sourced. They are simply, air-dried or baked to perfection. Fish is a healthy, nutritious food that contains naturally occurring OMEGA 3 which helps promote healthy skin, shiny coat and aids joint mobility. Dog gone fishin’ dog treats are GRAIN FREE, gentle on the stomach, easier to digest, a great source of protein and high in energy. The Dog gone fishin’ dog treat range contains no added colourants or artificial ingredients, just 100% natural goodness.
8 in 1 Dog Chew & Snacks
Not only can you use chews to reward your dog and keep him occupied, they are also good for teeth and gums. Most dogs quickly tire of standard chews. Because they are tasteless and odourless these often get the 'No thanks' treatment, leaving behind unpleasant leftovers.
American Dog Toys
It is their love of dogs, and the desire to produce the highest quality, interactive, durable pet toys that drives this company.
Antos Dog Snacks
Antos Dog Snacks are available in a wide assortment of shapes and sizes, and vary from meat based snacks to the very popular vegetable based Cerea range. Take your time to have a look at the products and don't be afraid to contact us if you have any questions or require further information.
Arden Grange Dog Treats
Arden Grange Dog Treats are tasty treats that dogs can eat between meals without ruining their appetites. They are hypoallergenic and free from wheat gluten, dairy products, beef and soya. They contain no artificial colourings, flavourings and preservatives.
Bark Bites Dog Treats
What Makes Bark Bites Treats So Great? 100% Fresh Meat & Fish - Grain Free - Wheat & Cereal Free - Low Calorie - 100% Human Grade Ingredients - Hand Baked To Perfection - Tasty & Nutritional - No Preservatives - No Artificial Colourings - No Added Sugar
Bow Wow Dog Treats
A range of tasty treats for your favourite friend.
Burgess Natural Dog Treats
100% Natural Dog Treats. Being a family company Burgess have strong family values. The high regard they have for their furry family members is central to these values but so is how they do business.
Burns Natural Treats
Delicious, all natural treats from the much trusted Burns Pet Food Company - developed by a Veterinary Surgeon
Chewdles Dog Treats & Rawhide Chews from Fold Hill
A range of Rawhide Treats, Training Treats and Treats under the brand name Chewdles.
Company of Animals
A range of treats from the Company of Animals including the NEW Coachies Naturals, the Original and Puppy Coachies . AlsoThe whole range of Marrowbone Chews.
Davies Dog Treats
Established in 1881, the Original Davies pet food range of products has been developed with over 100 years experience in manufacturing pet foods. As a privately owned company they enjoy the freedom to listen to their customers and utilise the latest science in developing products that are beneficial to your dog.
Feelwells Probiotic Healthy Treats
Feelwell’s are a UK company based in North Yorkshire. They are dedicated to providing your pet with genuinely healthy, tasty treats using only the best possible natural ingredients to ensure the maximum palatability, while giving your dog the real health benefits of Probiotics.
Good Boy Dog Treats & Chews
The complete range of Good Boy Dog Treats from Armitage - a well known and trusted British company.
Harrington Dog Treats
There are 4 different treats in the Harringtons range, so there is something to suit most dogs. They contain no artificial colours or flavours and no added sugar, making them an ideal reward for your dog.
HiLife Dog Treats and Chews
HiLife offer a variety of treats and chews for for all breeds of dogs.
Hollings Dog Treats
An excellent range of air dried treats and competitive prices.
James Wellbeloved Dog Treats
Offering the range of Treats from James Wellbeloved to complement the food.
Kong Treats
Teats and Paste perfect for stuffing into your dog's favourite Kong toy
M&C Healthy Dog Treats
At Mark & Chappell, they share your passion for pets. They fully understand the 'pet parenting' relationship that exists between an owner and their best friend. Each of their products fulfills a well defined role, providing your pet with the best healthcare, ensuring they remain a happy and sociable member of the family.
MasterPet Dog Treats
100% Natural and Healthy treats for your dog.
Natures Menu Dog Treats
Natures Menu offer a range of meaty cooked training treats The meaty training treats are made from 95% real meat. Each sausage is cut into bite size pieces and packed into a convenient reseable pack which are great for those long dog walks and easy to slip out to reward your dog. Compare the fantastic value you get as well with such a great pack size, a great product that dogs love which is super value as well.
Nylabone Chews and Treats
A tried and trust name supplying top quality chews for dogs of all sizes and ages.
Orijen Freeze Dried Treats
Pedigree Dog Treats
A range of treats suitable for dogs of all ages and sizes. The best you can do for your dog.
Pet Bakery
An innovative company constantly dreaming up new and exciting ideas for dog treats such as bones dipped in carob (a dog safe chocolate alternative) and an entirely new product, yogurt based dog icing for that extra special treat.......... And have recently developed a new low fat Gluten free Biscuit.
Pet Brands Dog Treats & Chews
At pet brands they want to give your loving companion the happiness they deserve, they offer quality and value for money products and accessories from only the leading brands.
Pet Munchies
Pet Munchies are Superb Quality, Pet treats made of real meat. All of the interesting treats are natural hand cuts that preserve the flavours of the finest chicken and duck. The flavour is naturally enhanced slow roasting them in their own natural juices.. The products are made from 100% chicken, duck and beef liver that will enhance the quality of life of your pet.
Pets Choice (Davies and Weebox)
Davies since 1881 and Webbox Dog Treats offer a range of dog treats for the discerning palate.
Pointer Treats and Snacks
Pointer Pet Products was established in 1959 in Rotherham, South Yorkshire. Originally Pointers started with mixer biscuits, however, market trends and special customer needs have directed the company to being specialists in developing many types of biscuit treats. The products developed include Treat Biscuits, Semi Moist Treats and more recently, the launch of their new packaging.
Porkshop from Happy Pet Products
Pork Shop chews are sundried and smoked for a great taste, made from 100% natural pork and healthier, tastier and safer than their rawhide equivalent. Independent testing has shown that Pork Shop chews are more easily digested than rawhide making them a safer alternative.
The Company of Animals
Marrow Chews™ - your dog will love this tasty, fully edible dog chew which combines 2 flavours in one delicious package. Not only are they irresistibly tasty, but these chews are healthy too! They are easy to digest, fortified with added vitamins for your dog’s health as well as containing active ingredients which help to control tartar and strengthen your dog’s gums as they chew.
The Innocent Hound
Luxury dog treats from The Innocent Hound. A delicious range of sumptuous meat treats, irresistible to hounds with a taste for the finer things in life. Quality ingredients, British produce, sustainable farming and great flavours.
Wagg Dog Treats
A range of inexpensive nutritional dog treats from Wagg - a respected family owned and run company with over 25 years experience.
Woof & Brew Healthy Herbal Dog Teas
WHAT?! Herbal tea for dogs?! Did I hear you right?! Are you barking?! And the answer would be no, absolutely not! Granted it sounds crazy at first but the huge benefits of herbal teas for humans has long been recognised - and the same can be said for lots of other 'beings' including our best friends. WOOF&BREW have lovingly created a range of herbal blends that aim to keep dogs both happy and healthy. WOOF&BREW provides nutritionally balanced, health-focused benefits in both a daily diet regime or treat form. We all love a cuppa, and we all love our dogs. It's about time we shared the experience!
Yakers Dog Chews & Crunchy Snacks
YAKERS find their origin in the hills of the Himalayas. Originally made for human consumption, they are still widely eaten by the Himalayan people and their dogs. YAKERS are made from a mix of skimmed Yak and Cow milk. A very small amount of lime juice and salt is added to coagulate (harden) the milk, which is then compressed into blocks and smoke dried for 28 days to give the chews their unique flavour.
Banbury & Co Ceramic Dog Treats Storage Jar
This products neutral design flatters any decor so can be used within any home. The size allows for a varied selection of treats to be kept for the animal and the nontoxic paint used on the product ensures maximum safety of storage. This product is both dishwasher and hand wash safe.
Ceva Logic Dental Chews
Rawhide and collagen based chews available in three sizes for small, medium and large dogs they are very low in calories and extremely palatable. The collagen naturally enhances the mechanical action of chewing on the teeth and gums and assists in the removal of the plaque.
M&C Alfie's Diner Chicken Treats 100g x 2
Alfies Diner are new gourmet dog treats made with wholesome ingredients. Each treat has a crispy shell and a soft creamy centre that dogs will love. Not only are they delicious but they are healthy too with no artificial anything! Give them a try, you will agree, there is no treat finer than Alfies Diner.