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Company of Animals

Puppy Coachies
Coachies - Specifically designed for puppies (eight weeks and over), these tasty chicken-based treats are perfect to use in reward-based training. The semi-moist, heart-shaped treats are highly palatable and don't break up in your pocket or treat bag. Puppy Coachies™ are calcium and vitamin-enriched, light on calories but with no artificial flavours or colours.
Coachies Natural Training Treats
Coachies Naturals are the healthy training treat. They are super tasty, so your dog will love them. Low in carbs, so they are kind to his waist and packed full of good stuff! They contain glucosamine, MSM and chondroitin sulphate to help promote healthy joints and green tea extract which provides natural antioxidants. They are also cereal-free and contain a highly digestible source of protein. A complementary pet food for dogs. Feed as a treat or reward.
Coachies Training Treats
These tasty miniature motivators are perfect to use in reward-based training. Coachies are light on calories (approx. 1 calorie per 0.35g Coachie Heart) and contains no artificial colouring or flavouring as well as being wheat gluten and GM free.
Marrow Wishbone Nylon Chew
The Marrow Wishbone is a super-tough, chewable nylon bone with a vegetarian 'jerky' flavour running down the centre, motivating the dog to chew. Good for hygiene and great entertainment, this great shaped treat has 3 ends for the dog to chew on, so should keep your dog happy for hours!
Rattle & Reward Dog Treats Tin Large
Natural Dog Treats available in a Large Refill Tin from The Company of Animals