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Chewdles Dog Treats & Rawhide Chews from Fold Hill

Chews and Treats from Fold Hill - establish in 1979 - under the brand name Chewdles.


Chewdles Bonibix Marrowbone Rolls 1.5kg
Bonibix Rolls are a crunchy biscuit treat, suitable for any breed of dog as a complementary food. Bonibix Rolls make a delicious treat for your dog a a snack or reward for good behaviour.
Chewdles Bonibix Bones Assorted Mini 1.5kg
Traditionally oven baked bone shaped biscuits that are enriched with essential vitamins and minerals. Their crunchy texture provides valuable exercise for teeth & gums
Chewdles Chips
Chewdles Chips :-Made from 100% natural beef hide, gently baked dry. Long lasting, helps remove tartar from dog's teeth and gums and control bad breath. 5 Pacls now DOWN IN PRICE
Chewdles Superknot
Longer lasting 100% natural Beefhide Knot. Can help to remove tartar from dog's teeth and help to control bad breath. Knots may vary in size shape and colour.
Chewdles Chunks
Chicken or Beef flavoured moist meaty chunks. Highly palatable and nutritious with added vitamins and minerals. Easy to handle and feed, idea as a training aid and can also be mixed with dry foods to produce a semi moist meal. NEW Chocolate and Ocean Fish added. NEW LOWER PRICE
Chewdles Jumbo Bone
Freshly baked Jumbo Bone biscuit dog treat.