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Bob Martin Shampoos

It is your responsibility to keep your dog as healthy as possible, both inside and out.  The following simple steps can help with this:

1. Feed a good balanced diet.
2. Plenty of regularly, daily exercise
3. Flea and worm periodically.
4. Groom and wash regularly.
5. Practice good dental hygiene.
6. When out and about – don’t forget to scoop the poop
7. Arrange veterinary check-ups and vaccinations as appropriate. 
8. Always wash your hands after handling your dog.

Vetzyme Dog JDS Insecticidal Shampoo
Vetzyme JDS Insecticidal Shampoo 250ml is a concentrated insecticidal shampoo that kills fleas fast and is a powerful deterrent against reinfestation. It also contains excellent cleansing properties which leave the coat with an attractive silky sheen. There is a supplier problem with this product.