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Auto Feeders, Drinking Fountains & Food Dispensers

Petsafe Drinkwell Fountains and Accessories
Drinkwells wide range of Pet Feeders and Drinkwell® Pet Fountains are designed to ensure your pet is fit, healthy and well provided for by making sure they’re fed the right amount at the right time and by providing a constant, fresh supply of water that’s so vital for their health and wellbeing.
Dogit Fresh & Clear 6litre Drinking Fountain Blue
Like people, pets require water for good health. The Dogit Design Fresh & Clear Dog Drinking Fountain responds to your pets need for a continuous supply of fresh and clean drinking water. The re-circulating water flow eliminates stale, stagnant water to provide fresh-tasting, cool filtered water with a multitude of inherent health benefits
Van Ness Auto Feeders
A great way to ensure your pet has a constant supply of fresh food when you're not at home. This feeder has a spill-less valve and a removable top. Dishwasher safe and manufactured from high-impact plastic
Van Ness 4lb Food Dispenser
The new Van Ness food dispenser is perfect for storing your pets food. Handling the product is made easy with it sleek design, simply pop the lid and pour your pets favourite food. Pour spout featured on for easy one handed dispensing of food.
Van Ness Pet Food Container
U.S. and Drug Administration Approved Plastic + SAFE for your pet, Fresh Tite seal to keep food fresh, clear smoke finish for visible food levels. Removable wheels.
Long Paws Pet Water Bottle 750ml - 7 Designs
The Good Life Gear stainless steel dog bottle releases water as your dog licks. They are leak proof, reduce waste, and are healthy and hygienic. Carry your bottle with you whenever you take your dogs out and your dog will always have fresh water, especially in the hotter months!