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8 in 1 Dog Chew & Snacks

8 in 1 Dog Delights Rawhide Bones
NEW LOWER PRICES!!! 8in1 Delights are the unique, patented mix of dental product, jaw workout and great taste. With lots of good-quality chicken wrapped in tough premium rawhide, 8in1 Delights guarantee hours of chewing pleasure and no leftovers.
8in1 Dog Delights Beef Bone
Premium rawhide knotted bones with real beef
8in 1 Dog Delights Beef Sticks 3pcs
Premium rawhide beef sticks with real beef
8in1 Dental Delights Bones
Unlike standard chews, the smell and the meat pieces around the edge entice your dog to get to the chicken inside. This makes chewing even more fun for your dog, keeping him interested right until the last bite. Moreover, a balanced mix of minerals acts just like toothpaste to ensure whiter teeth and pleasantly fresher breath.
8in1 Delights Dog Rawhide Value Bag
Original bones with chicken meat in value packs X Small and Small. Delicious chicken wrapped in tough premium rawhide – the unique combination of chew and treat.
8in1 Dog Delights Dental  35 Twist Sticks
Delights Twisted Sticks, the patented** chew of rawhide with wrapped chicken meat, with anti-plaque formula
8in1 Dog Delights Pork Twist  35 Sticks
Delights Twisted Sticks, the patented** chew of Pork hide with wrapped chicken meat, extra tasty. Yummy meat inside porkhide keeps your dog busy and ensures intensive chewing.