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Thornit Canker Powder

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Mr W Watchman's proven formula of 1907. Canker is caused by a mite, picked up in grass, often dropped from foxes. Thornit gets rid of mites!!!

Thornit Canker Powder
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THORNIT for Ear Mites.

(Information supplied by THORNIT) Mr W Watchman's proven formula of 1907
Canker is caused by a mite, picked up in grass, often dropped from foxes.

* The more usual forms are brownish waxy scabs inside the ears.  These are made by the mite wishing to chew the ear in the dark.  The scabs can be dry, or weep slightly, causing a smell.

* The other type is much more offensive, and stinks of gangrene, whilst discharging globs of pus.

In both cases the symptoms are scratching, head shaking rubbing of ears on the floor, and general distress. There can be red sores, inflammation and blood clots caused by constant scratching.  The standard treatment of drops and antibiotics gives only temporary relief.

There are no antibiotics in THORNIT, so it can be used in perfect safety. 

Iodoform was used in early dentistry.
Any excess moisture can be gently mopped up with a cotton wool swab.  DO NOT REMOVE WAX.  Under normal circumstances powder should NOT be put in ears but the brown wax acts as a cork.
Get the animal in a good position lying on its side.  With cats this can be difficult and help may be needed.  Give the animal some love, apply a pinch of powder using the end of a spoon.  Lightly dust round the inner ear avoiding the ear hole.  Gently massage it in with your fingers from the outside.  Apply THORNIT twice a day.  Relief comes with the first dose, but the treatment should continue for 1 – 5 days (usually 3).  When the brown wax starts to move – stop. This means that the mite is dead, and the wax will come away, pushing out the powder and leaving a clean ear.  A pinch of THORNIT in each ear once a week will keep the animal free from re-infection.
For breeds with long ears it is advisable to dip the ends of the ears in THORNIT once a week.
For Stripping Hair From Ears, Apply ½ teaspoon to hair.  Hair comes our easily.
General:  A vet in Australia has isolated the mite that’s causes intense distress in dogs who are in constant motion, scratching and biting all parts of their body.  The vet says the ear mite has transferred itself to the scurf of the body.  It is minute and very mobile.  Vets can find nothing wrong – skin scrapings sent to vet colleges give clean bill of health. Shampooing is useless.  Treatment - dust THORNIT lightly onto the skin.  If the animal has long hair, part the hair with a comb feeding a trickle of THORNIT on the exposed skin. A little powder goes a long way. 
Anus:  If the animal pulls its bottom on the floor and if its not anal gland trouble, the mites could have made a breeding bed under the tail.  Treatment – Apply a tiny amount cream to finger of glove and dip into powder. Apply just below the tail where necessary.
Paws:  Mites can get between the claws, making the animal first lick the paw constantly, turning the pads into a lolly, and then they tear out their fur and finally nibble a hole in themselves.  Treatment – Hold the paw in a plastic bag containing a small amount of THORNIT.  Work the powder between the claws, into the pads and a little way up the leg.
N.B.  For all treatments only a very small amount of THORNIT is needed per dose.  Care should be taken as iodoform could strain a pale carpet or furnishings.
La poudre pour Oreilles Thornit est une poudre traditionnelle permettant de traiter les otites externes. Il s’agit également du meilleur remède pour les problèmes d'oreilles sales, odorantes et d'acariens d’oreille de vos chiens, chats et petits animaux.
Les démangeaisons sont habituellement causées par des acariens qui créent également des boules que l'on peut observer dans l'oreille. Ces boules peuvent également suinter ou sentir mauvais.
Saupoudrez simplement une petite quantité de poudre Thornit Ear Powder sur la surface intérieure de l'oreille et NON dans l'oreille, et massez pour faire pénétrer. Lorsque le cérumen commence à bouger, arrêtez l'application.
Il est généralement conseillé d'appliquer la poudre sur les pattes en même temps. Mettez simplement de la poudre dans un sac plastique, glissez la patte du chien dans ce sac et répartissez la poudre sur la patte du chien en remontant légèrement le long de la patte.
Avec Thornit, un peu de poudre permet de faire beaucoup et une petite bouteille durera longtemps, en faisant un traitement aussi économique qu'efficace. Si vous utilisez Thornit régulièrement pour prévenir certains problèmes, sachez que beaucoup de propriétaires de chiens ont observé qu'il était plus efficace d'appliquer la poudre après voir nettoyé et séché l'oreille.

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